Monday, August 27, 2007

Traffic In Karachi, Who Is Responsible

Hmmm, my my, where should i start from, Just to give you all an idea of what i go through every day, my office is located on I.I.Chundrigar Road, now if anyone of you had the idea or experience of coming or going from this particular road in past few months know how horrible the traffic conditions are, I just love the people who sit and abuse and accuse Mr.Mustafa Kamal for it.

I salute Mr.Mustafa Kamal for his work, that guy is bloody brilliant apart from being workoholic, i swear i can't understand where he gets all the energy from? Mr.Mustafa Kamal if you EVER happen to read my blog (by some conincidence or miracle) than do email me and let me know your secret.

Anyways coming to the point, yes the roads are dug and are being repaired but they are for our own good in the long run so i can't and won't comment on that, problem in my own opinion is not the conditions of the road but the conditions of people especially there mental state

People apparatenly are always in hurry and they will use and abuse any small inch or cm of space on the road to move ahead, if it means going wrong way than hell they will do it, at times i feel like getting out of my car and slapping the bastards (which i can't do because i am weak and don't have any "back") because eventually what these people end up doing is blocking more traffic and creating congestion, and than these very same people call up the media (they are media whores to get cheap publicity and our media is also thirsty for "juicy news" so this gay relationship works well in our country) and complain about goverment and system, they conveniently forget to mention how much of an asshole they are and how much problem they give to the system on their own.

I feel sorry for the poor traffic police people who stand in all kind of weather conditions trying to fix a problem which they can't because the root of all evil is nothing else than our own mentality and our thirst to twist the law in our favor

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