Sunday, August 26, 2007

Khuda Kay Liye

Well yesterday night i took a plunge and decided to check what was all the hype about, yes i am talking about the controversial movie by Mr.Shoaib Mansoor by the name of KHUDA KAY LIYE also known as IN THE NAME OF GOD.

To set the record straight i couldn't find the dvd of the movie and theaters were all booked so i did what i do normally, yes i downloaded the movie and watched it .... yeah call me bastard pirate but that's what i did, to credit of Mr Mansoor i have to say that next week i am taking my family to theater to watch the movie AND i am going to purchase a copy of the DVD, i guess that's says a lot about movie (if you are coming from "watching movies for free via downloading" frame set of mind)

The movie was stunning from the start to the end, Shaan performed exceptionally well and i personally believe if the poor chap is given good directors,writers and producers he can get more fame than mr SK of Bollywood, yeah the guy have potential its just coz of our crappy movie makers we are not getting the fame we should be getting, Hat's off to Mr.Naseer-Uddin Shah, i guess his role was for around last 20 so minutes of the movie but he put a totally NEW life in the movie

I won't spoil the movie story for others (you must have heard it from zillions others but not from me, i can be a pirate bastard but i can't stand the title of spoiler bastard along with it :p ) just go and watch the darn movie with your family its worth watching and kudos to Mr Mansoor again (i know i am repeating myself) for creating such a master piece

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