Monday, August 20, 2007

NED Tech Elite Event

Oh my, i don't know where to start from, i was supposed to manage the event on behalf of my company, Now at the last moment i was informed that i would not be getting the alloted man power for the event due to some "urgent matter" and i was left alone to cover the event.

It was hectic but it was challenging and fun, Preparing a last minute presentation to meet deadline reminded me of good old university days, I was supposed to give the presentation in place of our GM who was busy, the topic i choose was "User Names And Passwords" and much to my surprise the presentation went really well hehe!

Will be posting pictures of the event soon ! i must mention names of Ijlal and Ayeesha from NED University who were in coordination with me for the event and these students did a really good job so kudos to them for pulling off a event on such scale! :)

GEO Tv covered the event along with another TV channel (which i can't recall) and i got interviewed by them which was the first ever media exposure for me, still have that tinkering feeling hehe! Although the day was very hectic but one single act made it perhaps the most memorable day for quiet sometime, When my presentation ended a gentlemen approached me and complimented my presentation, i came to know that he was Chairmen of NED Computer Sciences department and i was flattered :-)

Check the TechElite team in the picture below (Courtesy of Ijlal from NED) these are the hard working boys and girls who made that event possible in the first place, the only gripe i have is that they lost our banners and now i have to go through hell for that :/

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