Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rain In Karachi

Its ironic that round the year we pray for rain but when it rains we wish it just stops, no its not because we don't enjoy the nice fresh air or cooled down atmosphere its the "Value Added Services" we get (without asking by the way) in our city.

I must say that KESC has improved a lot, now at times we have electricity through out a heavy down pour which is way better than how it used to be when i was growing up, the most annoying thing is complimentary swimming pools we get on every empty plot and roads.

Defence Housing Society (DHA) is for some odd reasons known as POSH area of the city, Damn some jackass should come and visit this so called POSH community as see and compare how much better is areas like Nazimabad and North Nazimabad are in comparison to us.

Whole Phase IV and Phase VI were literally unaccessible after like 8 hours of down pour, The main seaview road was BROKEN and the part of the road i am talking about is not even old it finished construction like a month or so back

Karachi during rain is just a sorry sight *sigh*

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