Sunday, August 26, 2007

I won't dine at Salatin again

Okay i am not a picky SOB who creates fuss about anything and everything, infact if you ask my colleagues and friends they will tell you that i am a very down to earth perosn who respects anyone and everyone. Around a week or so back we went to Salatin (self claimed resturant, one of many modified DHABA's if you want my honest opinion) the food was average but the experience in the end left me speechless and i made a promise to myself that i won't go to that place ever again.

In the end the waiter brought us the bill and gave him 15 Rs tip, well to many that may sound too vague but the bastard refused to take it and insulted me, well that was a new one for me, as i believe that giving tip to any waiter is a personal matter and i don't think so i "owe" them any obligation for tip, anyways i offered him Rs 50 out of frustration and he refused to take that even, i blew my fuse and i told him to fuck off (excuse my language) he can shove his ego up his ass for all i care and coz of my own personal ego i ain't gonna recommend that place to anyone ever again nor i am going to dine there anymore

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