Monday, August 27, 2007

Car Tints, What's The Problem?

This story starts with me getting stopped and than given a challan for a tinted car, the funny part is that i was driving a Toyota Vitz which originally comes with tinted windows i.e. i didn't had that after market black paper

WHY WHY WHY and WHY aren't car tints allowed in our country? it makes no sense to me what so ever, we live in a country where sun screws with our skin majority of the time in a year, we get challan if we have our car's tinted and i see no logic behind it. Law enforcement agencies think that "terrorists" or "mobile snatchers" or "thieves" or "decoits" uses tinted vehicles to do their activities, i find this kind of ironic because most of such activities are done bikes and i have yet to see a "tinted bike"

The second intresting fact is that his law is only for people who don't have any "contacts" yes if you know someone in goverment or in law enforcement agencies than you are excused from following this law, If you are reading this blog and know some higher ups than kindly do let me know so i can get away with police stopping me :)

Goverment should allow medium tints and tinted cars should be subject to checkpoint stops and other police check points yes that would make life miserable for people with tints but i rather have that than not having my car tints in this hot humid climate

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