Thursday, August 30, 2007

Farewell At Office Of Tabish And Imran Chd

Well today was a sad thing in a way, two of our dear colleagues are leaving and today we gave them their farewell at Arizona Grill, what can i say about both of them

Tabish, well he is a nice chap, very jolly and a big heart, he takes all the verbal and practical jokes we at the office play at him and keep on smiling on them, his only weak point is his Harmonium AKA Laptop he bought for himself, if you say anything against it he will get offended hehe!

Imran Chd, one word to describe him would be GENTLEMEN, very soft spoken and always willing to help you out, we will definately miss our Dear Key Manager, Go RSA!!!

Anyways here are the pictures from the farewell

Most of us agreed that Rafay looks like a PIMP in this picture

Rafay Again, He has this certain politician's way of talking on the phone

Sajid is in hurry to eat while Qamar trying to teach him some manners

Imran Chaudhry, We are going to miss him and his British accent! :-)

Vaqar and Shoaib, One is happy eating and the other is happy being in office

Arsalan (We all miss our dear ol HR Manager) and Vaqar (He honestly didn't cared about the camera that day he was busy munching away, Especially coz Ahmed was paying :D

Shoaib getting sick at me cracking jokes at him, Honestly he is one gem of a person

Mubarak insisted on having an exclusive picture taken, so there you go!

Me, Not one of my best shots but than again this is how they usually come *grumble*

Tabish and Sheheryar, Validation team members thoroughly missing Yaseen

Well that's about it with pictures, hope you guys enjoyed them, we are going to miss Tabish and Imran.C from our office, Especially after Tabish left there is a huge absence felt during lunch time.... I pray all the best for your future ... stay happy folks

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