Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Are We Loooosers !

Are we loosers? well we can use the question for my parts of life but i this case i am talking about the results of Twenty Twenty worldcup, for those dorks who have been living under some rock or just got up from hibernation the game i am refering to is cricket.

So India won, congratulations to them, In my opinion Pakistan and Pakistani team cannot be refered as Loosers, we certainly have came a long way from where we were, winning from teams like Australia, Srilanka and Newzeland.

I simply adore Misbah-ul-Haq and his courage and talent, lot of people are taunting the poor chap for the stroke he played on which he got out, hey give the guy a break atleast it was much better stroke than what Afridi "Boom Boom" played so a big DOH!

I am in a mix emotional state (especially after that Indian Idol result, Parshant you fucking suck, Amit Paul you rock) but i am not "that" sad on loosing i honestly believe that our team (very few though) gave it their best shot and i am looking forward to see some brilliant captaincy from Shoaib and excellent batting and nerves of steel from Misbah.

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