Monday, September 24, 2007

Indian Idol 3 The Dilema

Gosh! I never thought i would be addicted to a "desi" program, but yeah i have to admit that courtesy of a friend (who got me hooked to watching Indian Idol) i regularly follow Indian Idol 3. The main reason being was my interest in music and secondly the awesome talent which entertained with their melodies voices every week. Week after week candidates were going, but i didn't cared because i watched Indian Idol 3 because of two voices; 1. Amit Paul 2. Emon

And yesterday was the grand finale and much like our elections it was rigged up to a motherfucking level (excuse my language but its far less damage than i did to my television set after watching the finale), I won't say that i wasn't expecting the results, Parshant was climbing the ladder without that much of a problem and even he would admit that the reason he is II3 is because of Voting (Commerical & Revenue VS Talent)

I am not making any sense and that's because it's been quiet some time i have felt angry at something i have watched on TV (i used to curse at villians in beloved Airwolf and Knight Rider) but all i can say is that Parshant may be INDIAN IDOL but Amit Paul managed to get much more national and international fan base and is more than just "Indian" Idol, he in my opinion in Global Idol because of his awesome voice ....

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