Monday, November 5, 2007

Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare Review

Note : This post is dedicated to Nomi (Maskman) :P

Well, honestly i didn't felt like putting down the controller but

  • My son was crying
  • My wife was ticked off again at my xbox :P
  • Playing on hardest difficulty was granting me endless deaths on one spot so i took a break

So here is my small hand's on experience with this awesome game


It's not every day that you boot up a game and GUI comes and you KNOW that its going to rock, the main menu sets the mood of an action flick ready to unfold by you, all the transactions during the mission (briefing) are done in a very eye catching / breath taking cinematics which will make you believe that you are watching a superb war movie till the game kicks in and you are ready for action, superbly done, yes there is difference between cinematics and actual game play graphics at times but none the less infinity ward managed to set the mood, 10/10


I guess when they said next gen this was one of the games they had in mind, the graphics are simply superb and to top it all it runs without a frame drop on 1080p. Surroundings are according to the map and mission, the first map cargo ship reminded me of good ol counter strike map with the same name hehe!

Second map was mix or urban and jungle environment and most of the times i died because i was admiring one thing or the other, you have to rescue an informant here

You start the game as SAS and than move to Marine Core operations and the first mission reminds you of none other than Black Hawk Dawn, if you are playing on Veteran than you really can't help but question yourself "shit can it be so freaking hard for real?"


Although i have praised the cinematics before but honestly they deserve a section of their own, Till now i thought the intro movie was breath taking and than i was slapped with another awesome fmv in which you see yourself being dragged in a car and than pushed in the back of the car and drove around the city and than ....... maybe you should watch it on your own to enjoy it :)

Game play

Honestly FPS have nothing unique to offer recently, its all old school, run from point A to B go behind a cover (very much necessary if you want to servive) shoot, move ahead. What makes COD4 a little bit exception is all the "action" going around you, shots are being fired, RPG's flying over your head, grenades coming right to your feet when you go in a cover, damn you really can't stay in a place for a long time without dying :P

I would like to mention this one instance in which i shot an enemy point blank as he came out of corner, as he was falling down he fired his RPG and it went swooshing right besides me hit the wall behind me and i died, i was like stunned for a moment, so yeah getting killed in this game can be fun and unique too


For the sound track till the point i have played i would love to give it 20/10 (Yes, Twenty out of Ten, its not a typo) it very much sets the mood for you.

Sound effects other than the music are crisp and room comes to life if you have decent set of 5.1, bullets flying, grenades exploding, your team mates yelling, its insane, its fun ! :)


I haven't tried playing on live as yet, but my experience of Beta is superb i have posted it some place here i believe, will post once i have a go at it


Overall, honestly if i had to buy this game (which i am by the way) i would go for the regular version of the game, not the collectors version but than again that's just me

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