Sunday, October 4, 2009

Subway anyone?

Today i was in a BIG argument with my friends which eventually i lost due to "majority wins" factor (GOD i HATE democracy) the whole fight (if you choose to call it, although it was not sizzling as Kashmala vs Dr Firdaus .... slightly offtopic but Kashmala vs Marvi Memon cat fight would be a freaking pay per view event lol) was on where to go and eat and unfortunately i was the ONLY person in favor of Subway *sigh* and others wanted to go and crappy ROLLS from Hot N Spicy.

Let me admit it, few years back i used to hate Subway myself but that's because i went there once and let THEM made the sandwhich for me (which sucked) i used to avoid the place like plague until my boss took me by force (Work Harrasement i tell!) and that was the time i got the sandwhich made on my own and it tasted good!

Now i am hooked to the place and go there couple of times in a month and enjoy Italian BMT (Yummy) and although i have had Chicken Garlic Mayo Rolls i think i still have craving for Subway ... i think i am going to sneak out while my wife is sleeping and grab a quick bite ;)

Are you a subway fan? Drop in a comment and let me know :)

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