Monday, October 5, 2009

Few Things Just Don't Get Old

I remember when i was growing up we used to be all hyped up about Airwolf, Knight Rider, The Master, A-Team, Flash and God knows how many other programs but now when i look back at MOST of those programs i laugh at myself and think "Damn how stupid we were to believe in that" but than there are few memoriable programs from the past which you still would love to see and enjoy. My son loves one such franchies and it's one of those very rare programs which me, my wife and son all love to sit and watch together without any fights for the remote lol

I am talking about none other than good ol Tom & Jerry here, the fun filled cartoon roaming around Tom the poor kitty and Jerry the ever witty mouse, I doubt you will find a living soul on this planet who have not seen this in his life either on TV or on some T-Shirt or bag or what not.

In case you don't know Tom & Jerry was created by William Hanna and Joesph Barbera in early 1940's and since than there have been many versions and stories including Tom & Jerry Kids but the fact remains that nothing comes near to the original episodes when it comes to originality and humor.

But wait a second there are few more programs still on my hard drive which i watch again and again (and again!) and they keep making me laugh the same way they did a decade or so back.
The series i am going to talk about now is a comedy serial which without a doubt is my ever favourite TV show EVER, you can imagine that i have all it's seasons ripped on hard drive, have boxset DVD's and saving to buy them on BlueRay. Before i proceed further i must give credit to Saima Uzair (She is married now so her last name would be something else, She was sister of a buddy of mine Danish Uzair) for introducing me to this out of world program.

Let me give you a hint, If you have ever watched the show or have followed it than this line would ring a bell .... "How Ya Doin!" No? were you living under a rock? or were in hibernation? or were chased by aliens around in circles? Damn! okay one more hint for you ... Chandler, Joey, Ross, Monica, Pheobe, Racheal? 

Yes i am talking about none other than F.R.I.E.N.D.S a show about friends which ran for around 10 seasons and still have a huge fan base, Infact there are still petetions running to have more seasons of the show. If you have none watched it ever than do yourself a favour, Watch It, Chances are you WILL like it.

Ross and Monica are brothers and sisters, Chandler is Ross's best friend and he also happens to live across Monica's apartment. Joey is Chandler's room mate and have slightly better IQ than George.W.Bush, Pheobe is Monica's friend and so is Racheal, Racheal is introduced in the first episode as a run away bride. The series have its share amount of love interests and hilarious situations.

There are few other shows I would like to mention here

1. Perfect Strangers.
2. Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.
3. ALF

And few from current / new generation i love to watch are

1. Prison Break (First season was where this show shined and than it kept going down the drain)
2. Boston Legal (William Shatner at his BEST in my opinion)
3. CSI: Vegas / Newyork (CSI Miami is for Baywatch fans if you ask me)
4. The Unit (Sad that it only lasted four seasons)

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