Monday, October 5, 2009

In Honor Of George Carlin

Around a decade back on one fine day on #mp3tunes (Undernet) I was introduced to a name which i had never heard by a lovely lady who used to go by the nick ^Tali. This name was George Carlin and ^Tali literally forced me to download it and hear it, I can't recall laughing so hard ever in my life and that was the time when i got hooked into this gentlemen named George Carlin. Although he is not anymore with us but his legacy remains. I will share with you the piece which got me hooked, It's called "Airline Announcements"

Mind you it is PG and NSF (Not Suitable For Work) unless you are wearing headphones, If you consider yourself a person who gets offended quiet easily than hear it at your own risk, However if you are a "normal" person than clicky clicky on the links below! :)



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