Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kojima Mystery What's Going To Happen On 1st June 09

Kojima apart from excelling in making games knows the art of marketing and he certainly knows how to play around with his fans. Past week has been crazy with speculations, theories, my brother's friend's uncle who works in Konami told me, Fanboy fights and what not. I am sure all through this Kojima is sitting comfortably laughing his ass on us trying to guess what's coming our way.

Things To Keep In Mind
Few things about MGS

1. We already know that Kojima have previously claimed not to make any further MGS game and yet we saw him bringing a new chapter in the franchise to fans.

2. MGS as a series has not beeen TOTALLY exclusive, it has been ported to PC and on XBOX (Correct me if i am wrong but MGS 2: Substance was on XBOX too, right?)

3. The main character of the game has not alwaays been Snake, We have played as Big Boss and also as Raiden, so If we end up playing as Sunny, Big Boss, Gray Fox or anyone else for that matter I won't be surprised

4. Kojima have also taken us back in time during the franchise and we have played through different era's as different characters to tell the story from different aspects, So if the stage is set back in time it won't be something which should come as a surprise to gamers.

5. Kojima have said that MGS 4 will not be ported to XBOX 360 but he certainly never said anything about MGS 5 or for any other product.

What's Gonna Happen?

So once we have refereshed our memory with these "facts" here are my predictions for 1st June 2009

1. MGS 5 would be announced

2. Player will play as Big Boss and as Sunny doing different chapters from different point of view.

3. The game will be exclusive (if not than alteast timed exclusive) for PS3. The reason why i say this is becasue of the timer, It's ending on the exact same date as the Microsoft's E3 conference, i personally believe this is done delibrately to take the thunder away from Microsoft's Press Conference by announcing an exclusive to PS3, that would definately be a big announcement and boards and internet traffic would be full of OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG XBOX SUXX0R kinda messages.

What I Wish

What i wish though is to see MGS 5 on both Ps3 and XBOX 360, i never did liked the idea of exclusives, It would be nice to have a game offered on different platform so everyone can enjoy it.

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