Saturday, May 23, 2009

Consumer Rights In Pakistan

Edit: Found this URL courtesy of Abbas at WCCK, its for Customer Rights Council Pakistan

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The is a true story. I will not give out all the details and will have to cut the story short.

The primary purpose of reporting it here on pakgamers is so that each one of you who spends his hard earned halal money on console or games has basic protection.

The secondry purpose of posting this story is to teach all the shop owners a lesson that they cannot screw a customer ever again

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Btw a little bit of factual information before i tell the incident.Coz i have read on various threads that people go to kiran zone after the guy at futurezone screws with them. Kiran Zone,Future Zone,Gameshock and several others including all their branches may it be in defence or model town or where ever are owned by the SAME person.

There is only one owner. most people don't know that. I personally know the owners son and they are the biggest importer and exporters of consoles in pakistan. he told me last month they exported 20,000 ps3's only to Iran and not counting other countries .so you can imagine how huge their business is. so it doesn't matter if you purchase a console at kiran zone or futurezone the money goes to the same man

Now with what happened..... I purchased a PS3 from a shop ( not going to name them coz their business might suffer ). A week later the lens of the PS3 dies.

when I was purchasing the PS3 the shopkeeper told me that there is no warranty or guarantee on the console. I was only allowed to check it in the shop and thats it.

I told him that it was a wrong and illegal practice so why was he doing it?

He told me that they don't get any warranty from behind so they don't offer any.

I told him that under the law ( which many ppl arn't aware off until consumer courts came ) if a trader sells an item and makes profit on it and the customer has a receipt. the shopkeeper is responsible for any kind of defect in the product that may arise in a reasonable amount of time.

He just nodded his head and i bought the system a couple of games and TOLD HIM TO MAKE A RECEIPT He hesitantly started making one and on top of the receipt wrote" NO WARRANTY AND GUARANTEE" So i called the shopkeeper 'Ghattaia and cheap' and came back home with the console.

A week later while playing call of duty(which i have a platinum trophy for ) the game just got stuck and upon restarting the console it refused to read any disc.

I called the shop and informed him of the problem. He obviously tried to put the blame on me by saing that " I MUST HAVE BEEN WATCHING DVD MOVIES ON IT ".

Which I was not.( I had read reports on the internet of lens failing by inserting cheap dvd media discs in the PS3 )

After some quarrelling on the phone he offered to replace the lens for Rs: 3500. Which I refused by telling that i had paid money for a new PS3 not a repaired one.

He did not agree so i decided to contact the consumer courts.

The reason I came to know of their existence was through newspapers which reported on their daily activities on generators,UPS,Shampoos( YES Shampoo, woman paid RS 50,000 coz a shalmi made shampoo made her go bald LOL) ,mineral water, ETC.

To cut the story short within 1 hour of meeting with a lawyer at the consumer court my mobile was ringing off the hook as the shopkeeper was calling to apologize.

He said that I can get the PS3 fixed for FREE or i can have a full refund.

I went for the refund.

Moral of the story is that YOU as a customer have rights, so it does not matter weather your PS3 lens died or your 360 got RROD like in a week of purchase. If you have a receipt you can take the shop keeper to court.

I hope I delivered my message clearly and saved ppl thousand of ruppes.

1UP for Consumer rights


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