Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well what is reboot? it's just another tech / gadget show on air, what makes it different from other show is the fact that this show for a change have people both on and off camera who know what they are talking about, so instead of getting lousy facts and figures copied from google and lack of research evident from the content you will find something you can relate too.

We shall try to address common problems and provide some solutions catering to our local market, not everyone can get something from bestbuy and fix their computer, so how about relating it to our local market and telling viewers what to do :)

Ali Ansari, a very humble and down to earth person who enjoys gadgets as much as he enjoys music

Well, it's me, much to horror of many friends, i now haunt everyone on TV :/

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sundus usman said...

well i have not seen the programme but since the anchor is ali ansari i think i shud watch it as soon as possible
sundus usman