Sunday, November 30, 2008

Debug Episode 2

In this episode we talk about alternatives to iTunes, i don't know about you guys itunes is crappy piece of software, very heavy on system resources and slower than a pregnant elephant in a marathon. I love my ipod don't get me wrong but i hated itunes so i started looking for other ways to sync my ipod to my comptuer and i found loads of alternatives. Today we are going to discuss few of the top alternatives.

1. Foobar 2000
2. Winamp
3. Song Bird
4. Yamipod

Foobar2000 ( is free media player available which can play nearly all the media formats you can throw its way, apart from being a good media player (although i have other favourites when it comes to media players) it can also sync with your ipod to transfer songs to your ipod.

Few are few screenshots of foobar2000 in action

Main Interface

Main Interface Alternative

Convertor Lets You Convert Between File Formats

Winamp ( does not needs any introduction unless you were hibernating for past few years or so, perhaps the most popular and oldest mp3 player around lets you play different media formats. Among several other features it also letsyou sync with your ipod and transfer songs to it.

Nice And Easy To Use Interface With Loads Of Skins To Alter The Looks

With Enough Features To Keep You Busy For A While

Songbird ( is yet ANOTHER media player in the list, and like the predecors it can play variety of media formats and among its numerous features it lets you dock your ipod to your comptuer and transfer songs to it.

Yamipod (http:// is the last program on our list but certainly not the least infact it happens to be my personal favourite program among the list, Why? because its a no nonsense straight ipod manager and it shows from the name (Yet Another Ipod Manager) with letters rearranged to make it better "sounding". It virtually lets you achieve all the things you can do with your itunes including having podcasts while keeping a very small memory usage.

The Main Interface

Find And Remove Duplicate Files Among Several Other Features

That's it for this segment from Reboot's 2nd Episode, do feel free to write to me with comments and suggestions both for the show or the blog and i will try to answer you as soon as possible. :-)

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