Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Complain Letter To PTCL

Divisional Engineer,
Missri Shah Exchange,

Subject: Extremely disgusted and horrified customer experience for the SECOND time.

CC: PTA, Higher Management PTCL, Ministry Of Information Technology, Higher Management Etisalat

Dear Sir,
               Like the subject suggests, I have been “honored” to be on the receiving end of extremely disappointing and unprofessional behavior of your team. Previously I have had the “pleasure” to getting your much publicized “Broadband Experience” just to had it disconnected in a week’s time because it just did not worked for me.

               Being attracted towards your marketed lower rates and change of corporate image I thought about giving PTCL another shot and applied for a phone line and 2mbps DSL connection (11th November 2009, Order number 2021ju9) back in November 2009 and that started my horror story which have better chances of winning a Emmy than Paranormal Activity and Sir I kid you NOT by stating that.

               Despite of making complaints to PTA (Complaint # 93344), Exchange, 1218, 1236 (most recent complaint number 244) I did not got the line installed at my house till January 2010 which by the way still not fixed since it has so much noise that It sounds like distress code from bloody titanic. On a bright sunny day a dsl installation personal came to my house to install the modem which he did but he never activated by connection saying some user name password problem. It’s been good week or so despite of going to exchange on regular basis and meeting the DSL Officer, talking to your delightful helpline people (which honestly try to be helpful, no pun intended) and hoping it would start working.

               Three strikes and you are out, but in your case I will make an exception, two strikes and for love of GOD forgive me for making the mistake of choosing your broadband. Kindly take BACK the modem your team so graciously offered me, disconnect the DSL so that I can go to some of your competition who can actually provide what they advertise.

Thank You,

Muhammed Saquib Baqai


Adil Yaqoob said...

Its you who waited for so long. I also order sometime in august and got the modem and the line in November. But it worked for just a max of 5 mins. Took out the modem, threw it and just called them and said to take it away on which they said you will have to go to our office and return it. I just said i didnt go get it so i am not going to drop it either. They didnt charge me and i still have the modem laying somewhere in my room for the last 4 months and no signs of anyone from PTCL to get it back.

Akbar Khan said...

serves you right for not opting for maxcom and falling in the 'price trap' lol ;)

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