Monday, August 31, 2009

Stuck in Rain Oh Well

It was a horrible today ... at around 4 my sister in law called she was stuck at her office and i decided to go and pick her up, the office is right opposite RBS / Marriot

I took Girzri and was comfortable (relatively) till Submarine Chawk there it was hell break loose, water crossing the footpath from one side to other, I took a left towards Pizza Next that road was much better, than i took a right on main road towards Clifton Bridge it was BAD but honestly it wasn't as bad as Submarine Chawk

Submarine Chawk while going towards Gulf the only picture of the trip i was able to snap

Picked my sister in law and came back Clifton Bridge was very clean and so was the underpass (much to our surprise) i decided to take the underpass after watching the submarine chawk condition and looking at the condition of it, Perhaps it was the worst decission of the day, right after i came out of Underpass it was hell break loose, from underpass till Du Talwar it was water above the bonet of my cultus, By some miracle the car didn't stopped and i decided to take a "pit stop" right outside worldcall office.

We waited for around 20 minutes with fanatic calls from house :/ took the road going towards Mohatta palace, took left from license office than went in front of zamzama park and mosque there, there was water there but not that bad, reached Saudi Consulate and back home about 2 minutes before Aftari

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