Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Day At Track

Well not TRACK as in proper tracks abroad but more of a make shift desi track which means a long stretch of road, fast car (if you dont have a fast car than don't worry put on zillions of STEAAAAKERS / STICKERS / VINYLS, a cheap dholki / exhaust and a fake blow off valve to give your car a fake sound of turbo and you are good to go), lots of stupid people and good luck.

Today we had Adil from Islamabad with his insanely fast Supra which at the crank produces 800bhp (these figures were quoted to me and might be over or under exagurated) along with other Evo's, RX-7, S2000, EuroR's and others. One car which i would definately like to point out would be Faraz's Civic, a 93 Honda Civic stripped to the bone (no doors even) with a turbo charged B16 engine (as told to me) and it's run literally blew me away the car was insanely fast, i would let the following few vids do the talking.

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