Thursday, January 10, 2008

How many BAQAI's Does It Takes To Change A Light Bulb?

Okay, i admit its a lame joke, to be honest its perhaps beyond being lame, sue me for it like i care :) I was amused to giggling like a girl today (much to amusement of my wife) when i read email from Faisal Baqai, YES LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THERE ARE PEOPLE (NOT ALIENS LIKE PREVIOUSLY CLAIMED) WHO READ THIS BLOG! Okay now that i have this need of self bragging out of my system let me come to the subject.

Baqai's are known inherently as DOCTORS much credit of that goes to Dr.Fareed Baqai (Baqai Medical University fame) and Hakim Moazam Baqai (Azam Dawakhana Fame) so telling anyone that you are BAQAI and NOT from medical field mostly gets you "you are retarted" look :)

I admit i had plans of creating a website for Baqai family but Faisal beat me to it, Hat's off to you for creating a dedicate site for the Baqai family, i was limited to creating communities on facebook and orkut and now we have a official "Home Page"

Yeah Baby! Baqai's are Online Now ..... okay enough of my stupid writing go and browse

Again Faisal Baqai, Hat's off to you ! It takes ONE Baqai to put light of the family online! :)

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