Monday, December 24, 2007

Fixing the Desktop Resolution in Ubuntu Linux

This is one of the lessons i learned on my own by screwing up the display configuration of my GUI of Ubuntu (Linux). So what happened is that i changed the refresh rate and resolution to match my TV (It's a HDTV which supports VGA) and everything was messed up, here is what i did

I suggest you backup your display settings before making any changes otherwise you will be sitting like an idiot like me :P

1. Either boot in recovery mode OR you can simply press CTRL+F1 to go in the CLI (Command Line Interface)

2. go to /etc/X11

[code]cd /etc/X11[/code]

3. Baclup your config file

[code]sudo cp xorg.conf xorg.conf.backup[/code]

4. Fortunately for me ubuntu had already kept my last configuration file so all i had to do was to over write the current one

[code]sudo cp xorg.conf.1 xorg.conf[/code]

5. Than had to reboot the machine [code]sudo reboot[/code]

there were couple of backup configurations in the folder so it was trial and error procedure till i found the configuration which was working for me

this was a hap hazard way of describing things but what the heck, hopefully it will help someone out or perhaps me in the future to recall my footsteps to solve the problem :P

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